Wetting Panties or Jeans With Sexual Arousal

Wetting Panties or Jeans With Sexual Arousal

If you are male or female, straight or gay or bi and you have had an experience of weeing in your clothes and being sexually moved by it please I want you to write about…

A Fantasy Story About You Fucking Me

A Fantasy Story About You Fucking Me

So you know all about me from watching my videos & viewing all of my pictures. You probably have masturbated several times to see me wear spandex or glossy pantyhose that hugs all of my…

Cumming on wife’s friend!

Cumming on wife’s friend!

I was awoken about 3 am when my wife and her friend came crashing into our kitchen from a night out. They had gone out with a group of ladies for dinner, ended up at…

How Erotic Cuckold Stories Can Be an Inspiration

You would be surprised to know the different variations of sexual relationship and preference in the world outside – including about erotic cuckold stories. Erotic story is one thing while cuckold relationship is another. Such a thing is real and it exists – but it isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it can actually enrich your sexual experience and give you a deeper insight to the world – and also the lifestyle.

About Cuckold in General

A cuckold is a husband whose wife is sexually active with other men. Cuckolding is a term where the husband completely realizes and is aware of such a condition. It refers to a relationship –which can be positive or negative, depending on the participants and how you see things are happening around you.

You see, the term cuckold has gone back to the past where the husband was completely unaware of his wife being promiscuous with other men. In this modern era, though, there has been a shift in the lifestyle as well as the social paradigm. In general, the modern cuckold is completely aware of his wife infidelity. In most cases, it is the husbands who encourage their wives to sexually engage and be active with other men. These husbands are even taking part in the preparation. They take part in finding the other guys believed to be the perfect partners for their wives. They take part in shopping for the dress, buying the jewelry, booking the hotel, buying the condoms, and such thing alike.

As if it weren’t enough, the husbands will also take part in the sexual relationship and intercourse –directly or indirectly. If it is direct, the husbands would be present during the sexual intercourse. They would act like an audience while the bed becomes the main ‘stage’. If it is indirect, the husbands won’t be present in the room but they would listen or record. The man involved in the action usually doesn’t know that the woman he beds is already married and her husband is listening. It takes more efforts and preparation in the indirect method. The cuckold usually has prepared a video recorder, a sound recorder, and it also involves a well-prepared scenario.

Different Actions, Different Preferences

Not all cuckolds want their wives to engage in sexual activities although most of them do. They somehow take a sexual pleasure from watching their wives with other men. Some husbands only like their wives being able to attract other men’s attention. But some husbands dare to break the traditional marriage boundaries by allowing their wives to be sexually active with other men.

It takes daring wives to take part in such a lifestyle. Some wives may be appalled by the cuckolding idea (suggested by their husbands). Some may be totally against it while some may agree to it – to some points. A cuckolding can lead to a healthier and stronger relationship while some can lead to the ruin of a marriage and a divorce.

The Community

Cuckolds and cuckolding have their own community, believe it or not. In the community, they feel that they have found other people with similar interest and like. They feel at home and they are somewhat more free within the community. They can share and swap collections (such as stories or videos) and they can even share feedbacks and opinions about the lifestyle. They can even contribute to femdom cuckold stories – some may be inspired by real life events while some are completely fantasy.

Not everyone has an open mind about such a lifestyle. And cuckolding is definitely not for everyone. You may be inspired by erotic cuckold stories but it doesn’t always mean that the lifestyle is for you.