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Cuckold Hotwife Interview Stories

This is an interview we did as a couple for an on-line swinger magazine. The interviewer we’ll call “Int”, my husband we’ll call “Cucky”, and I am CG (my hubby calls me cuck goddess):

Int: thanks for participating in this interview. You both seem like a fun couple who have really embraced the lifestyle. I have no real agenda and am hoping we can just have a nice free-flowing conversation.

CG: well thanks for having us. You’re very beautiful

Int: thanks, so are you! And sexy!! So, how long have you two been in the lifestyle?

CG: almost 25 years. My husband a little longer.

Int: Wow, that’s quite awhile. Did you meet at a swinging event?

CG: no, we were fixed up by non-swingers.

Int: How did you get into the lifestyle?

Cucky:I had been a single in the lifestyle for about 5 years when I met CG.

Int: did you talk her into it…and how did you do it?

Cucky: yes, I did. But it didn’t take much to do it.

Int: So how did it happen.

CG: well the day we met, I got transferred to another city. We both really wanted to try and make our relationship work, so we agreed we’d give it a try.

Cucky: I told CG that the biggest challenge to making it work would be loneliness and seeing other people. We still traveled to and from so we could see each other most weekends.

CG: I thought he was just trying to get permission to see other women and be a player.

Cucky: I explained to her that I was more of a cuckold at heart, and promised not to see other women.. I really had no interest in others, but I would enjoy her having other relationships as long as she told me about it and they didn’t intrude on our time.

CG: and you wanted to hear about my dates, you perv!!

Cucky: Guilty as charged.

CG: I had a hard time believing that I could see other men, have all the sex I want, and he would stay true to me. But he sent me a bunch of links on cuckolding and I figured I Had nothing to lose. I have always had a very high sex drive and liked the idea of not having to battle my natural instincts towards men or worry about him.

Cucky: and then came Raffy

Int: who is Raffy?

CG: Raffy is a young gorgeous Latino man who came to work for me. He was married and I fell for him hard…real hard.

Cucky: yeah, I was really glad we had worked all this stuff out before you met him. Otherwise this could have been a real mess.

CG: me to, I’m glad I didn’t have to make any choices or hide anything or be deceitful. I was soooo hot for him!! Raffy was really charming, handsome, and flirty and I’m not sure I would have stood a chance at saying no (winking at Cucky)

Int: mmmm, so give me some details. How did this all unfold?

CG: I was having so much fun flirting and telling my Cucky all about it, like he was my best girlfriend. And he was getting very turned on and it quickly turned into phone sex. That’s when I was certain that I was really free to play around

Cucky: I told CG to try to get some alone time with Raffy and just see what happens.

CG: I finally planned for Raffy and me to work late one night. It was a little more exciting because I was his boss. I had a certain degree of power over him, to begin with. So Cucky told me what to wear, what kind of lipstick would be more seductive and what perfume was most alluring. It was really exciting to have your mate help you plan to cheat with another man!

Cucky: and I was right…right.

CG: oh yeah!! It worked big time. Once we were alone, Raffy came up behind me while I was filing paperwork. He pressed his hard body against mine…he was built much better than cucky being 10-15 years younger than us. He started kissing my neck and reached around me to fondle my breasts. My pussy was flooded immediately and I turned around to kiss him. But he turned me back around and slipped a hand down my panties to the flood zone. He gently turned my face towards me and kissed me ever so romantically.

Int: How did he kiss compared to your future husband?

CG: oh, he was a good kisser…real good. My pussy was soaked and sloppy, and I ached for him. But Cucky is the best kisser I’ve ever known. I’m not trying to ba a brown nose here. I’ll be the first to give credit to my other men when due. For example, Raffy was better hung than my Cucky. And would eventually come to own my married pussy. But kissing and anything oral is all my Cucky’s territory. Right up front, I want to say that I have been with hundreds of men over the years, but nobody kisses or uses his tongue better. Best head I and many of my friends, have ever had!

Int: Wow, that’s quite a compliment. I think your husband is blushing.

CG: well he’s earned it. When we go to parties or date another couple, I always, always get very high praise for the orgasms that Cucky brings to other wives. And almost all the time it is unsolicited…and half the time, they don’t even know I’m his wife when they tell me.

Int: so tell me more about Raffy.

CG: Well, I was definitely ready to fuck him about two minutes after he inserted his fingers in my pussy while he was kissing me. But he froze and kinda stopped things. I was also not sure I wanted to cross the point of no return without checking with Cucky one last time. I called him and told him about my encounter with Raffy, and Cucky came over the phone again, that’s when I was sure. I told Cucky that we work again late on Friday and that I Was gonna attack Raffy and put that huge bulge to good use!

Cucky: I always traveled to CG on the weekends, so she wanted to time things so I would be there in time to clean her afterward.

CG: Friday night rolled around, and Cucky hit the road. I called Cucky and told him that Raffy was coming to my office to close out his work night and That I was wet and willing to nail Raffy. I teased Cucky that by the time he came got here I would have a pussy full of Latin cum for him to dine on.

Cucky: I, of course, came hard in my car. I asked CG if she was going to suck him… “oh yeah and swallow every drop”. I asked if she was gonna fuck him “like he’s never been fucked before”. That was a long hard ride for that night.

CG: I told him I brought a sanitation napkin to hold all of Raffy’s cum till Cucky can get here and lick it all up and swallow if all down!

Int: that’s so friggin hot! How did it turn out?

CG: fantastic! Raffy came up behind me again kissing me and feeling my breasts. Raffy has always loved my large breasts. His wife is pretty small chested. I took my shirt off and Raffy went to town on my breasts while he played with my soon to be his, pussy. He practically tore off my bra! He started biting and I made him give me a few hicky’s for cucky to enjoy. Then it was my turn. I sat on my office chair, pulled him over by his belt and got his pants down and pulled out his hot, hard cock…and just stared at what was the biggest cock I had ever seen up till then (again a wink to Cucky). “He’s still bigger than you, huh Cucky ( wink)” I was hoping Cucky would get there to see some of this so I took my sweet time and sucked on his dick and kiss the nice huge head and licked his huge balls for at least an hour. It was glorious to suck on my hunky Latino with a nice hard body. He made me lick my own juices off his fingers several times which just made me even wetter.

Cucky: if I got there before they were done, I could watch from a spot where neither could see me unless they were looking very hard. It was kind of like a supply closet.

CG: Oh, I have no gag reflex and excellent control of my throat muscles. Raffy was trying to hold back, but the k** never stood a chance. Just as he was tightening up, I jammed a thumb up his rock hard ass and he lost it…totally lost it. His first blast went straight down my throat and actually pushed my head back a few inches. I closed my throat and his second huge spurt filled my mouth and dripped out of both corners of my mouth. I love how cum I can get from a younger man. If Cucky was there he would have to clean the cum off my face…and Cucky would have gotten a huge taste in a Cummy, sticky kiss. As Raffy came, I flooded my office chair with a major squirt. I took the last couple of spurts on my face.

Cucky: God I Wish I had gotten there earlier.

CG: I sat Raffy on my desk and used his softening, but still large cock to wipe his cum off my face…cleaning his dick off every few seconds. I got up to get us a couple of waters and ran into my darling Cucky.

Cucky: I remember. The whole room smelled like sex, and your kiss smelled like spunk. It was intoxicating. I also got to lick some cum droplets off your tits and belly. I wanted to lick your wet pussy so bad!

CG: Yeah, but I stopped you and said that my pussy belonged to Raffy that night…and you had to wait till Hewas done! You had a flash of shock and a little anger and then took it like the good Cucky slave that you are. You, asked me what I meant. And I told you I Was gonna go back and make you watch him fuck me…watch him fuck your girlfriends soaked pussy until he gave me another load. This time put it were a full load of hot young jizz belonged. The load that I would make you eat while I Sat on your face and pushed his cum into your cuckold face!

Int: well don’t leave me and my readers hanging, what happens next?

CG: Well, I started to feel bad for my little Cuck slave, so I dropped to my knees and started sucking him off. I told him to be quiet and give me a mouth of fresh jizz….to follow the fresh jizz I had pumped out of Raffy. I wanted to see if Raffy would know that I snuck in a blowjob before I let him fuck me. You didn’t last very long Cucky.

Cucky: ah yes. That first time is always the hottest. It still is. Every time you take a new lover it’s so hot. I love it.

CG: well that’s cause you always find me, good lovers. Nice and hung and young and ready to fuck my silly with their big dicks! Thank you for that!

Int: Well, you two really are a great match. A perfect example of a perfect lifestyle couple. Did your bull give you the good fucking that you earned?

CG: that and then some! I came back with the water bottles and gave Raffy a hot wet kiss.

Int: Did he taste your cuck’s cum.

CG: he definitely tasted cum all right. But he thought it was his!!! Too funny! Anyway, we made out for a few more minutes and he gave me more hickeys. More hickeys to remind my boyfriend how hot Raffy got while he worked over my breasts. I was so wet knowing my fiancé was watching me make out with another guy. A guy who was kissing me better, giving me better hickeys and making my pussy wetter than my precious Cucky could.

Cucky: she’s such a bitch! A big, sexy, super, slutty bitch. God, I’m a lucky guy!!

CG: haha!! I was lightly running my freshly painted fingernails over Raffy’s spent but semi-hard cock and tight balls. But he really got hard when I started rimming his ass with my thumb. Never Going in, but circling his sphincter slowly. He got real hard real fast.

Cucky: man, he really gave you a fucking to remember. He stayed hard for over an hour. And you seemed to come to a whole bunch of times. I know I came a few more times just watching him pound away and grunt like a rutting pig.nall the while you simpering in surrender!

CG: to be honest, I came instantly and very hard with that first bruising thrust. Being such a young buck, he didn’t know about easing in to give a girl a chance to adjust for his thickness. He had no idea he was any larger than any other man I fucked.

Int: did you teach your bull a few new tricks?

CG: not really. With Cucky watching, I was all wrapped up in being fucked hard by his massive cock…in front of my turned on boyfriend. Knowing my little dick Cucky would be licking Raffy’s jizz out of me for quite awhile. The teaching would have to come later! But I knew I was going to be fucking other men forever. And Cucky was going to watch and clean forever. Fluffing didn’t occur to us back then. And I was hooked on younger guys…and Latino guys. And my young bull really put my older pussy through my paces. I lost count how many times I came. My office chair was soaked, my desk…soaked. My boss’s chair…soaked. I tried to use my panties to wipe everything off. Cucky kept those panties in his pocket for a week. Sniffing it whenever and wherever he could. I used Raffy’s underwear to wipe stuff up. But I kept those in my purse. I’m pretty sure he came more than once but he just kept on pounding my pussy hard. Sorry Cucky, but he owned me that night. Finally, his wife called and gave him hell for being out all night. Raffy rolled off me as he was on the phone. The bitch that I am, I just jumped on his hot cock and rode him rough and put him up wet!

Int: wow. This is one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard. Did Cucky put your through the wringer after Raffy was done?

Cucky: no, I didn’t have the heart. If it were now, I would…she’d expect me to. I did clean her up completely. And she had a very strong orgasm before passing out.

CG: that’s one of the best things about this lifestyle. No matter how good or bad a bull is, I knew/know there’s a mind-blowing orgasm at the end at the end of my husband’s tongue. I love it!!!

Int: what ever happened to Raffy?

CG: Oh, he’s still one of my favorite Bulls. I fucked him in our marital bed last week. And Cucky cleaned us both off and gave me my parting gift before Raffy left.

Int: your k**ding!! How many years have you been fucking your bull?

CG: 20 years. He’s like a second husband for me, I’ve probably fucked Raffy more than most wives have fucked their husbands! The three of us go on vacations together, house parties together (occasionally with Cucky being the third party!), etcetera!

Story by paulb4fun

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