Why I Love Real Cuckold Stories

Cuckold Stories

If reading about sex stories gives you pleasure and makes you feel aroused. Then there are many cuckold stories of real people available online which may interest you. Cuckolding can be called a taboo by many people and many people enjoy being a cuckold and telling their cuckolding stories.

If you are still wondering what a cuckold is then let’s find about it in detail here.

Cuckold Sex Stories

What is a cuckold?

A cuckold can be called as a man who likes watching his wife or girlfriend having sex with another man. Cuckolds take pleasure in seeing their partner having sex and many times they also join them in the act.

The word cuckold is derived from the habit of the cuckoo bird of laying eggs in the nest of other birds. Cuckold may also often imply as the husband of an unfaithful wife as he may not know about his wife’s sexual hunger until the arrival of a child which may not necessarily be his.

In modern times cuckolding is mainly considered as a fetish by some as now many people are embracing it without any problems with their partners.

What is a cuckold?

Why is it regarded as a taboo?

Most people don’t like seeing their partners having a relationship with other men and knowing about their partner’s sexual relationship is completely on a different level. It is that feeling of jealousy which makes it a taboo in society.

Men often take pride in having long penises and having sex with their partner for hours. And when they see or come to know about their partners having an intimate relationship with other men, it gives them a feeling as if they are not worthy enough.

Most of the men don’t like to see their wife or girlfriend shagging or sucking other men’s schlong. Although cuckolds are not regarded as a true man, now many men are embracing it as a fetish or a sexual desire.

The Study shows cuckolding can be great!!!

The Study shows cuckolding can be great!!!

A recent study conducted by an American physiologist shows that cuckolding can be great for having a long and healthy relationship with your partner. If you are knowingly letting your partner have a different sexual experience with another man than it could do wonders in your relationship and your understanding between your partner.

If you are comfortable watching your partner having sex with another man then there is nothing to hide between you and your partner. Most of the relationships get destroyed because of a love affair or an intimate relationship with other men. But if you have gone beyond these barriers of the society then there is nothing left for you to be jealous of.

Many cuckold sex stories that you may find on the internet tell about their experience. And if you want the true feeling of it than go ahead and try it yourself and fulfill your desires of having your wife or girlfriend getting fucked in front of you.

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