I Tell My Wife About College Dorm Roommate

I Tell My Wife About College Dorm Roommate

I had told my wife before we married that I had some experiences with a couple of guys, but I had never told her the full story. One night she was sucking my cock and I told her that I was going to cum if she kept sucking. She had never allowed a guy to cum in her mouth and she thought it was gross. After we were done, she asked if anyone had let me cum in their mouth. I replied, “Yes.” She asked me more about who and where and if I liked it. I said, “you remember me telling you about I had some experiences in college?” She said, “yes.” I told her that in my first year, I had multiple experiences with my roommate. I told her that whenever he sucked my cock, he always let me cum in his mouth and that it felt fantastic. She asked, “Is it true that guys are better at giving blow jobs?” I said, “not only better but much better.” Then she asked, “…and you sucked him?” And I told her I did. “Did you let him cum in your mouth?” she asked. I said “yes I did. That was the whole point.” She had a curious and puzzled look on her face. She asked, “what is it like to have a guy cum in your mouth?” I told her that I really enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my mouth. The way he grabbed my head and said, “oh yeah, keep sucking. You want my cum don’t you?” And right before he was getting ready to cum, I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth and then he would start to moan. Sometimes grabbing the back of my head and holding it down on his cock as his warm cum spewed into my mouth. I would squeeze on the base of his cock with my lips in a pulling motion. He loved that. I would be jacking off and usually came right as I would taste his cum in my mouth.

I could tell that she was starting to get excited again. I said, “you should try it sometime. You might like it.” She asked if I though I could suck a cock better than her. I smiled and said…” without a doubt.” Then she looked at me and said, “then maybe you should teach me how to do it better. Maybe if I saw you taking a load, it might encourage me to.” I looked at her and said “Oh really!? So you want to watch me pleasure a man?” She paused and said, “yeah…why not. I’m getting wet just thinking about it. And seeing as you don’t mind cum in your mouth, how about you eat my pussy again?” So I got between her legs and stuck my tongue deep inside of her and licked up all my cum, showed her my cum in my mouth and swallowed. She said, “Damn! You weren’t k**ding.”

For several weeks, I told her stories about how I would suck his cock and how hot it would be for her to watch me pleasure a man. That really spiced up our already hot sex life. I didn’t tell her, but I looked up my old roommate but didn’t contact him as he was in another state. I did start looking through the casual encounter ads on Craigslist. There were plenty of ads in the m4mw section. So I started answering some of the more promising ads. I didn’t like the idea of binging a stranger into our home so I also started looking at hotels in other parts of the Bay Area. Not too far away, but not so close that we would see our potential guy around town.

I started chatting with a guy who was married in a sexless marriage. He was not too far away and not too close either. I told my wife that I had been talking to some potential prospects and showed her pictures of their cocks. It made her horny as hell. I arranged a daytime meeting with the guy in his home while his wife was at work. We talked for a bit and he asked if I had any pictures of my wife. I had my laptop in my car and told him I actually have some video. He asked if he could watch it so I grabbed my laptop and showed him several videos. I could tell he was getting hard. I said I’m happy to take care of that if you like. So he pulled out his cock and I made love to it until he unloaded in my mouth. It had been so long and it tasted so good. I told him, this stays between us. I told him we would meet again with my wife, next time.

Story by MowTownDude

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