My first encounter with exhibit

My first encounter with exhibit

I’ve always been quite naïve sexually, so the first time I came across exhibitionists was a bit of a revelation.

I started to indulge in my passion for watching at various nudist beaches in the northern part of France around Carnac. Family holidays would take place here and although my wife was very prudish and would not reveal anything outside of a one-piece swimsuit, we took the family to various beaches. On one I discovered that the far end was nudist friendly and, as I enjoy wandering along beaches, I would leave her to keep the k**s amused while I went for a walk. It was on one of thee walks that I came across my first couple who enjoyed playing to the crowd.

On passing the nudist sign, I removed my shorts and enjoyed the feeling of the sunshine on my very white areas. I was exploring a river as it entered the sea and followed it a little way inland when I noticed a couple who were about 50mt away from anyone else. She was lying back sunbathing and he was stroking the inside of her thighs and up to her breasts, running his finger around her nipples and pinching gently. He was also watching me very closely. I feigned interest in something on the river bank while watching him and his hand drifted over her belly and cupped her vulva. She squirmed a little at this and his hand settled there, manipulating her lips.

I put my towel down and laid out on my stomach, first so that I could watch and second to hide my stiffening cock. He was fingering her and, after whispering to her, he beckoned me closer. My heart was thudding in my chest, mouth dry and I was more turned on than I had been for ages. My cock was fully hard as I walked over to within two meters of them to a patch of sand he pointed at. I dropped my towel, lay on my side and watched as he opened the lips of her cunt to show me how wet and open her vagina was. I started to stroke my cock and he nodded approvingly and whispered something in his partner’s ear, and she looked up to watch me through her sunglasses.

She glanced around to reassure herself no one else was watching and lay her head down again. He continued to rub her clit, occasionally at my request (sign language) to dip a finger deep inside her. I was so turned on I was getting very close to cumming and he obviously recognized the signs as he bent down to whisper to her again.

She lifted her head to watch me as she reached down to run her hand under his and used two fingers to stroke her pussy. Then she penetrated herself with both fingers and jerked them up and down rapidly with a very wet, squelchy sound, then pulled her fingers out and squirted a small amount of liquid onto his hand, moaning in orgasm as she did so. I couldn’t take anymore and shot my load, one of the most powerful and voluminous loads of semen I’d ejaculated for some time.

I lay, panting and enjoying the aftershocks of my orgasm, as she looked at me through her sunglasses. She slipped two fingers inside herself and offered them to her partner to lick. She said ‘Merci, au revoir’ and I smiled and said thank you, grabbed my towel, slipped into my shorts and headed back to my family.

Story by foxsilver2020

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