Favorites Stories “My Schoolgirl Fantasy”

My Schoolgirl Fantasy

I never had a sexual experience with a best friend while I was in school. I now wish that I had had that pleasure. All that’s left now is to fantasize.

I was a junior in high school. I was one of those girls that boys never paid attention to. I was taller than most of them. My chest was flat; I barely needed a bra. And I tended to study all the time. So, my weekends were spent with my books and my girlfriend, Sarah. We had been friends for several years and now I considered her my best friend. We were together all the time and often showed our affection for each other by friendly touches and walking so close together we touched each other. I never thought about my attraction for her until one Saturday night.

I asked Sarah if she wanted to go to the movies with me; I didn’t want to go alone. She jumped at the chance and asked if I wanted to spend the night at her house. I could feel myself blush at the thought of sleeping with Sarah; I was not used to this new attraction. I was to meet her at her house and her mom would take us to the theater. It was a warm September night, so I dressed in a short white sundress, spaghetti straps, and no bra. I packed a bag with stuff for the overnight and I found myself trembling with excitement

Sarah was a bit shorter than me, shoulder-length blonde hair. She had the most beautiful eyes and a smile that made you happy just to see her smile. She had a body I envied: perfect breasts, not too big with nipples that poked through her blouses. Long, shapely legs disappeared under the short skirts she so often wore. When we were together, guys always looked through me at her. I was secretly jealous, but she was my best friend anyway.

I rang Sarah’s doorbell and she answered the door. She was wearing her hair up, showing off her neck. She had put on a blue sundress that she knew I loved. I dropped off my bag and we were off to the movie. Sarah wanted to sit toward the back, which was okay with me. Unbeknownst to me, the movie centered on two girls who grew up together and became lovers. There came the inevitable scene of the two girls going to bed together. I had never before seen a lesbian love scene and I found myself becoming quite aroused as the scene lasted quite a while. I could feel myself pressing my thighs together as I watched the lovers. Sarah leaned over and whispered, “This is so hot, I didn’t realize you were into this,” and she took one of my hands into hers. “I think I would like to kiss you like that,” she whispered. I nearly fainted. She held my hand for the rest of the movie and I felt myself loving her attention and a tingling feeling deep in my stomach.

As we left the theater, Sarah took my arm in hers and held me tight as we found her mother’s car. We sat in the back seat close together as we drove back to her house, our thighs touching the entire way. The feeling of this closeness gave me goosebumps, and I wasn’t sure what to expect because Sarah had never acted this way.

Sarah’s mom asked is we wanted anything when we got home. Sarah shook her head saying she was bushed and was ready for bed. She took my hand and led me to her room, locking the door as she closed it.

We sat on her bed and I started to cry. Sarah put her arm around her shoulder and asked me why I was so unhappy. I told her how lonely I felt and being jealous of her popularity and how happy I was to be with her. As I cried, I blurted out that I had never even been kissed – and I was sixteen! She asked me if I wanted her to show me how good it felt to be kissed, and how it made you melt. The look on my face must have given Sarah encouragement because she turned my face to her and started kissing me gently.

Favorites Stories "My Schoolgirl Fantasy"

In my inexperience, I offered myself to her with my lips closed tightly together and kept my eyes closed. She gently stroked my hair and told me to relax and open my mouth to her. I did and she began kissing me more deeply, with her tongue reaching out for mine. When our tongues met, I caught my breath as a completely new feeling ran through my body. “Are you okay? Sarah whispered. I nodded and reached to kiss her. After a few minutes, she stopped and asked me if I liked her kissing me. I told her that I’ve never felt anything so wonderful and asked her not to stop.

She pressed up against me and kissed my neck and then her breath was hot in my ear. I could feel one of her hands sliding up the inside of my thigh. I felt dampness gathering in my panties and was becoming quite aroused by her hand. In a whisper, Sarah asked if I wanted her to stop. “Oh, God no,” I said. “I never thought this could be so good.” Her hand slid up and found my panties. “You’re so wet.” All I could manage was a soft “I know.” Sarah looked me in the eyes “Do you realize how long I have wanted to do this?” She then slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders. Instinctively, I put my hands up to hold my dress he whispered that if I really wanted to know how it felt with a boy I had to take my pajamas off. I didn’t know what to say and held my breath because I didn’t want her to see me naked. I was ashamed because my breasts were so tiny. I just had little puffy areas around my nipples and hers were already so much bigger than mine. It was too late to stop though because she was already pulling my top over my head. She took her pajamas off too and made me lie down on the bed and I let her slip my bottoms off. She lay down on her side next to me and started kissing me again, both of us naked in the dark.

I was nervous and started to squirm away when she squeezed my little nipples between her fingers. It hurt a little and I must have winced. She whispered, “It’s OK, just shush and close your eyes.”

I squeezed my eyes tight and her lips were soft and her breath warm when her mouth found my nipples. I felt a thrill as she kissed them and brushed her open hand lightly over my pussy. My pubic hair was beginning to come in and I hadn’t started shaving yet. Her touch felt good and somehow I let her gently spread my legs apart. She put her fingers in her mouth to moisten them and I moaned when she began slowly rubbing my vagina lips. It felt so good that now I didn’t want her to stop.

Soon her open mouth was on mine again. Her lips felt hot and I put my tongue in her mouth to show her I was learning. The wetness of my pussy juice was spreading as her fingers caressed my pussy and sucked on my nipples. My legs were like rubber and I offered no resistance when she spread them apart and climbed on top of me. She began licking and kissing me down my chest and tummy. Her tongue lingered around my vagina and then she opened me gently and began sucking my clit.

No one had ever kissed me down there or even touched me, and at first, I was afraid and wanted her to stop. I thought I might smell bad, and tried to close my legs and push her head away. But she kept licking and sucking. It started to feel really good as she rolled my wet clitoris between her fingers and then slid just the tip of a finger inside me. Oh, god, it felt so good and I started pushing back against her and made her finger go a little deeper. I began to moan and she kept fingering me very gently as she kissed her way up my body until her lips were hot against mine. I could smell the musty scent of my own vagina on her face when she kissed me. I was surprised I liked the smell and how it made me feel sexy that she seemed to like it too.

The pleasure I was feeling seemed so naughty but it was sexy and good at the same time. I was breathing hard and must have cried out again because she told me to put the pillow over my mouth. Her long hair brushed my belly as she licked her way slowly from my lips to linger on my nipples again and then back to my vagina. This time I grabbed her head in both hands and pulled her mouth down onto me. She took my clit in her mouth and I could hear myself moaning again as I pushed against her and she sucked harder and harder.

I held my breath. My eyes were squeezed so tight I saw pinpoints of colored stars I couldn’t stop myself from moaning into the pillow. My whole body shook from the pleasure sweeping from my vagina to my toes and up to the top of my head. I heard myself begging her in a loud whisper not to stop and began quivering and shaking uncontrollably. When I finally stopped shaking it seemed I had just awakened from a dream. We were holding hands in a silence that was deliciously intimate and awkward at the same time.

After what seemed an eternity lying naked with her, she kissed me gently on my lips and whispered she loved me. She asked if I loved her and I hugged her tight and said yes I did and kissed her again.

She stroked my face and asked would I do to her what she had done to me. I was nervous and afraid so I told her that I didn’t think I was ready for that yet. She said it was OK if I didn’t and I could just hold her while she made herself come. She pulled her dress up over her head and off. She too was not wearing a bra and I got my first real glimpse of her wonderful breasts; her nipples were rock hard. And, she had a very dark spot between her legs.

She had me lay back against the headboard of the bed and nestled her bottom between my legs, leaning her back against my breasts. “Play with my nipples, she asked. I began to gently tickle her breasts and flick her nipples as she had done to me. I began kissing her neck and slipping my tongue in her ear. I watched as Sarah slipped her hand inside her panties. She began gently rubbing her pussy and then slipped a finger inside. I could see her finger working on and out of her slit. “Will you be able to come?” I asked. Sarah nodded her head as her breathing became ragged; her hips began to rise and fall with her strokes. I felt her shuddering against me, and her legs began to tremble. I felt so close to her as I held her tight against me: I thought yes, I loved being with her. I pulled her hair back and kissed the back of her neck as her orgasm overtook her.

After we kissed again, she turned to me and made me swear never to tell anyone what we had done. I wanted this to be our secret, I said, and then went to sleep in her arms but I woke up groggily about five in the morning to go to the bathroom. I put my nightie back on when I came back to the bedroom. Sarah stirred as I slipped back into the bed and snuggled up against her. I watched her breasts rise and fall with her breathing for a while before pulling the covers up over her. I knew then that I was ready to give Sarah what she gave me, but was interrupted by her mom looking in on us a few minutes later. I pretended to be asleep and was glad she hadn’t caught us naked together.

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