Wife’s Story With Her New Black Friend

Wife’s Story With Her New Black Friend

After Reuben and JC had a very passionate sexual experience with each other, JC asked Reuben if he would spend the night with her in her room. “Sure Baby, if you want,” Reuben said as he was laying on the bed next to JC. JC had gotten up to get some towels to clean both of them up and the bed linens were a mess too. JC thought the housekeeping ladies will have something to discuss in the morning when they come in to make up the room. With a warm washcloth, she was cleaning Reuben’s cock and balls when the phone rang again.

“Hello,” JC answered and it was her husband calling again. It sounded like he had a bit much to drink and he was saying how he missed her. This was making JC very uncomfortable especially with Reuben’s cock in one hand, and the other on the phone listening to her husband. Reuben was very amused by the situation and his cock started to get hard again. JC abruptly told her husband to go to bed and they’ll talk in the morning, then hung up. “Reuben, please don’t do that while I was on the phone with my husband.” Reuben just grinned as he was now stroking his black cock working up another erection. “C’mon Baby, give me a hand here. I like to see your pretty fingers wrapped around this cock, especially with your wedding ring showing.”

“Reuben, you’re insatiable. What am I going to do with you?” smiled JC. “I have an idea,” grinned Reuben. “Turn around and let see that sexy ass of yours and spread those cheeks for me.” JC obliged, and gave Reuben a great view of her pussy and asshole. He got up behind her and his cock was almost fully hard and he teased her pussy and butthole with his cock. Eventually, he enters her pussy with his cock and spits onto her asshole to help work his thumb into her ass. JC stiffens and asks what he’s doing. “Just giving you some options, Baby. Doesn’t that feel good with a cock in your pussy and my thumb in your ass?” JC had to admit the sensation was very nice. By now Reuben was deep into her pussy pumping with vigor and with his thumb in her ass, she was ready to cum. With her orgasm, she almost pushed Reuben’s cock out of her pussy and she started to squirt all over Reuben’s crotch and onto the bed. “Damn girl, where you keeping all that juice?!” Reuben laughed.

Reuben gets back into her pussy and sees that his thumb has made a nice gap in her ass. Spitting on her ass again, he pulls from her pussy and presses he mushroom-headed cock against her ass. “Reuben, stop! What are you doing!?” JC cried. “If you’re going to fuck black cock, you have to give up that ass too. That’s just how it is.” Reuben said and he pushed the cock head a little bit into her ass. “Look at the bright side, you can’t get preggo fucking black cock in your ass.” JC didn’t like the feeling of her ass being invaded like this, especially with the cock the size of Reuben’s. “Reuben, stop! This doesn’t feel right.” Reuben starts to feel a little pissed off especially since he so close to getting his dick all the way in her ass. “Bitch shut the fuck up and take this dick in your ass!” With that said, he forces JC’s face into the bed and rams all the way into her ass. JC screams in agony… it’s like her insides are being forced into her chest.

There’s no going back now. Reuben is too strong to fight as he starts to fuck her ass, and all she can do is lay there with her ass in the air as Reuben continues his assault on her virgin ass. Reuben is really enjoying this though. He loves that his black dick is up this beautiful ass and the bitch is letting out muffled screams into the bed; better to not wake the neighbors. Reuben feels another nut coming on and he pulls out, grabs JC by the hair and brings his cock to her face and shoots a big load of cum on her face, eyes, mouth, nose, and hair.

When he’s done he stands up looking down at a crying JC curled in a fetal position on the bed. “Shit, maybe that was too much for the slut to take so soon,” he thought. JC wipes the cum from her face to see Reuben standing there. “Get the fuck out of my room you motherfucker!” screamed JC. It’s hard for her to move as she aches from the inside so she just lays there. Reuben starts to get dressed to leave. “See you in the morning, JC. Thanks for a fun evening” and he exits the room to go to his.

JC eventually gets up to the bathroom and take a shower. Dammit, there’s no towels because we used them all to clean up our mess. She retrieves a towel that isn’t as soiled as the others and uses it to take a shower. As she’s soaping her body, she sees blood on the shower floor. “That sonofabitch hurt me!” JC fumed. As she’s drying off, she’s feeling a bit better and not as achy. The bed was a mess with all kinds of bodily fluids so she tears off the sheets and finds a blanket in the closet to lay across the bed. She begins to think about the evening and the total lust and passion Reuben brought out in her tonight. How she let him cum in her like no other man would be allowed besides her husband, then Reuben’s almost a****listic assault on her ass. Is it really true that black men insist on fucking a woman in her ass? Why? Domination I guess, but that’s not going to happen again.

JC drifts off to sleep and awakes in the morning surprisingly feeling refreshed. She realizes she has 30 minutes to get dressed and downstairs for the start of the conference. Usually needing an hour or two to get ready in the morning, she was out the door in 20 minutes, fully composed and looking radiant in her blue skirted suit and open-toed pumps. She didn’t put stockings on since she didn’t need to with her toned, tanned legs.

As she enters the conference room, she notices Reuben by the coffee bar and goes over to him. “Good morning, Reuben. I hope you slept well” JC said rather curtly. Reuben eyes her and knows why she’s probably pissed off. “I did sleep well, JC. Thanks for asking. It’s going to be a long day, so maybe I’ll catch you at lunch” Reuben said. Reuben is appreciating JC’s appearance and look. “Damn, she pulls herself together nicely,” he thought to himself, as his dick gives him a little rise.

They didn’t see each other throughout the day since they had separate break-out sessions to attend. JC wanted to make a spa appointment towards the end of the day and maybe lay by the pool before the sun sets. Once the day concluded, JC went to her room to change for her spa appointment. The resort furnished bathrobes to wear to the spa, so she wraps herself in her robe, puts on her sandals and leaves her room. As she’s walking down the hallway, Reuben is just exiting his room with his bathrobe on too. “Reuben, fancy meeting you here. You’re not going to the spa too are you?” “Nah, just going to use the sauna, then maybe get a drink at the pool bar. Maybe we can share the sauna before you get you spa treatment?” said Reuben, hoping she’d say yes. “Well, I am a bit early, and maybe a good sweat will help with the spa treatment.”

Arriving at the sauna they both grab towels, shed the robes and wrap the towels around themselves to enter the sauna. There were two older gentlemen in there already and when JC walks in, they immediately sit up straight and suck in their guts. “Hey, there young lady. Did you know this was a towel-optional sauna, so feel free to lose the towel” remarked the old pervert? JC laughed and said “you first” and took a seat at the far end bench. Reuben then entered and the old guys decided it was time to leave. “How was your day” JC asked, Reuben. “Brutal. Bunch of old white guys telling us how to run shit. They don’t know shit either.” JC said her day wasn’t too bad but she’s already looking forward to heading home. “

JC, I hope you ain’t pissed at me about last night” Reuben hoped. “Well, you did surprise, and worry me, with your antics. I just had no idea what was happening or why, but I’m fine now” JC said. Reuben was relieved to hear that and sat back as the sweat started coming. Reuben undid his towel to be completely naked. JC looked at him as the sweat was rolling down his big body. He could stand to lose a few pounds, but he does have that magnificent cock she thought. It intrigued her that black men seem to have large cocks. Too bad her husband wasn’t so blessed, but must be some kind of white man’s curse, she mused. I wonder if that has anything to do with being unsuccessful at getting pregnant? Maybe he’s just not reaching the right spot… hmmm. Reuben’s manly cock has reached areas in her womb that have never been explored, and it made all the more arousing, maybe that’s what nature intended.

“Reuben, may I touch your cock again?” JC asked shyly. Reuben was almost asleep as she spoke to him, but he caught the gist of her question, and he grinned at her and said, “Damn straight Baby. Come give daddy a stroke.” With that, she got up next to him, and with almost clinical skill, examined the now-growing black cock of Reuben’s. As it got bigger, the veins were more pronounced and the foreskin drew back to expose that mushroom-shaped head that gives her so much pleasure. The sagging balls must contain so much semen to flood a woman’s womb. He probably could use a little man-scaping, but it wasn’t bad, but I would prefer that he shave around there.

“I would love to give you trim around there some time,” she said to Reuben. He laughed and said, “you know, I really love a bald pussy, so if I shave around my cock, you have to make your pussy smooth-shaven too.” JC thought about that and will keep in mind, but what would her husband say? I guess we’ll find out. She begins to stroke the big cock, and looking at the door way to make sure nobody is coming, she gets down in front of Reuben and begins to suck his cock as she’s stroking him. “Oh Baby, that’s real good” Reuben cooed. The last blow job he got was from his crazy neighbor last week, but JC is so much better. Loving her blonde hair and gorgeous hands on his cock is getting him close to cumming. Sensing that, JC picks up the pace, mostly because she’s going to be late for her spa appointment. “Cum for me Reuben. I want to see how powerful you shoot your cum for me.” Oops, that did it for Reuben. He raises his hips off the bench and shoots rope after rope of cum half way across the sauna. JC gets one more spurt in her face and puts the powerful cock in her mouth drain the remainder of Reuben’s cum.

“Holy shit, girl!” is all Reuben can say. His body is drenched in sweat, cum all over the floor, he’s drained for sure. JC stands up, takes her towel off to wipe her face and hands-off, wraps it back across her body, says “TA TA Reuben. Gotta run!” and she exits the sauna to get to her spa appointment leaving Reuben chuckling to himself. That girl is something else, he thinks to himself. I wonder what my kin would say if I brought her home with me? They may be finding out in about 9 months when I introduce the mother of my next c****d.

Story by cplnvab

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