Real Wife Cuckold and an Insight to the Lifestyle

For some people, especially for those with traditional concept of marriage, the concept of cuckolding is out of the world. But there story about real wife cuckold life in their cuckolding lifestyle is true. For most people, this kind of lifestyle is probably odd or not conventional. But such a lifestyle is true and real. And despite what most people believe, things aren’t always what it seems – especially to the eyes of the beholder.

The Unique Way of Life

A cuckolding is a term (more like a lifestyle) referring to husbands who take sexual pleasure from watching his wives with other men. The cuckold refers to the husbands who actually love seeing their wives with other men. The activities can be various – from having a date or going out to being engaged in a sexual intercourse.

In the past, a cuckold meant a husband who weren’t aware of his wife promiscuous actions. But in today’s modern era, the term has shifted – even changed. Today’s cuckolds are completely aware of their wives infidelity. But they allow it to happen and they even take pleasures from it. In fact, in some cases, such actions are believed to encourage open marriage relationship that has turned a boring and plain relationship into a fresh and new one.

The Modern Lifestyle

A lot of people still believe that cuckolding is a fetish – a sexual disorder that is against the standard norm and practice. A lot of people still take the pleasure of watching cuckold wife videos that they take (record) on their own. For the cuckolds, the pleasure can be various. They can get the inspirations from stories (including erotic stories) or watch videos. Some couples even create their own groups whose participants are couples who believe in open marriage and couples with cuckolds in the relationship.

In such a group, the members are totally free in doing their activities. They like to swap their collections, mainly involving videos and stories. The topics are about cuckolding, of course. Some of them are even courageous enough to create groups in social media, where they can share cuckold wife tube channel or videos.

Sexual fetish can come in various forms – some even involve couples. You need to differentiate swingers and cuckolds. Swingers are couples who like to swap partners for sexual activities (they usually swap partners with other swingers). Cuckolds, on the other hand, refer to husbands who enjoy watching his wives being engaged in another relationship (especially sexual ones) with other men. Cuckolds refer to the men only while the wives are usually called the cuckoldresses or hot wives.

A Different Kind of Life

You’d be surprised to know that some of the couples that you know are probably practicing cuckolding. After all, things don’t always what they are from the outside. You don’t really know what happens behind the closed doors. Some cuckolds believe that they have experienced an enlightment. They believe that their marriage is different and it is fresher. For others, the cuckolding activities have somewhat made their marriage more open and they feel that they can trust their wives even more.

However, the cuckolding can also ruin a marriage. For those who can’t accept their spouses’ sexual preference and also sexual fantasy, cuckolding can be the thing that ruins their relationship. Cuckolding is a big no-no for those who hold traditional marriage values.

Basically, cuckolding isn’t for everyone. It takes people with a very open minded to have such a relationship. Cuckolding isn’t always bad but it isn’t always good either. It depends on each individual and the acceptance of their spouses because not everyone can accept the facts about real wife cuckold.